University Teaching Experience

Digital Media and Religion (RELS: 2930/COMM:2079), Spring 2017

Medieval Religion and Culture (RELS:1225/HIST:1025), Fall 2018

Harry Potter: Mystery & Magic of Life (RELS:1997), Fall 2017

Digital Media and Religion (RELS:2930/COMM:2079), Spring 2017

Modern Religion and Culture (RELS:1250/HIST:1050), Spring 2017

Religion in America Today (RELS:1702), Fall 2015 and Fall 2016

Religion and Sport in America (RELS:2877), Spring 2015 and Spring 2016

Women and Power in U.S. History Through the Civil War (GWSS:3280/HIST:3280), Fall 2016

Magic Machines: Technology and Social Change (COMM:4153), Fall 2015

Introduction to Religion (REL 100), Fall 2013

Catholicism (REL 328), Spring 2013

Religion and the Body (REL 382), Spring 2013

Women and Religion (REL 374), Fall 2012