University Teaching Experience

The University of Iowa, Instructor

Digital Media and Religion (RELS: 2930/COMM:2079), Spring 2017

The University of Iowa, Teaching Assistant

Medieval Religion and Culture (RELS:1225/HIST:1025), Fall 2018

Harry Potter: Mystery & Magic of Life (RELS:1997), Fall 2017

Digital Media and Religion (RELS:2930/COMM:2079), Spring 2017

Modern Religion and Culture (RELS:1250/HIST:1050), Spring 2017

Religion in America Today (RELS:1702), Fall 2015 and Fall 2016

Religion and Sport in America (RELS:2877), Spring 2015 and Spring 2016

The University of Iowa, Teaching Practicum Participant

Women and Power in U.S. History Through the Civil War (GWSS:3280/HIST:3280), Fall 2016

Magic Machines: Technology and Social Change (COMM:4153), Fall 2015

Concordia College, Teaching Assistant

Introduction to Religion (REL 100), Fall 2013

Catholicism (REL 328), Spring 2013

Religion and the Body (REL 382), Spring 2013

Women and Religion (REL 374), Fall 2012